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Egg Chair Gift Ideas

Pendant Image Credit: Frogletackegg-chair-pendant

Do you have an Egg Chair obsessed relative or designer in your family?  What better way to fuel to obsession that to get them some handcrafted Egg Chair inspired art?.

A community craft site site called Etsy sells handmade goods from thousands of artists and that includes plenty of Mid-Century modern arts and crafts, After a little of digging I was able to find a handful of items made specifically to honor the Arne’s Egg Chair in all its glory.  A few of the examples include a pendant necklace, a custom Egg chair pillow all the way down to more expected custom prints.

egg-chair-pillowEgg chair Pillow Image Credit: Studio Tree


Print Image Credit: Blue Trike

View the complete Egg Chair art and gift idea collection here and make sure your loved one knows that you are well aware of their design obsession and all its many paths.

Egg Chair Imitations: LA Times takes a quick look

the-look-for-less-arne-jacobsen-s-egg-chair-hatches-imitations-la-at-home-los-angeles-timesThe LA Times LA At Home section recently did a piece analyzing the Original Arne Jacobsen Egg chair to some of the new reproductions coming out.  It mainly focuses on pricing and a few design details like stitching but it still give a nice overview on some of the latest reproductions and how they are presenting themselves.  You can read the full article here.

egg-chair-restoration-hardwareImage Credit: Restoration Hardware



Altough Fritz Hansen gets upset and minor variations or reproductions on the original they have no problem adding their own little flare to the classic Egg Chair from time to time with a limited edition.  This round is  to celebrate a book launch of  features in the new book ‘And Another Thing’, the 6th book in the Hitchhiker’s double trilogy written by Eoin Colfer.  Created by Lost Weekend the 42 chairs will be traveling with the author on the book tour. The front of the chair features white leather with a natural seat cushion and embroidery on the back. .  See more information and images here.


The Egg chair at 2008 Milan Design Week








As one of the ways Fritz Hansen is celebrating the Egg Chairs 50th anniversary they asked the contemporary artist Tal R, to cover 50 of the Arne Jacobsen designs.   "This series of the Egg visually expresses its 50 years of fame as if every piece of textile represents a period of time with past and present trends; rather like a multi-colored genealogical tree" 

The fabrics chosen by Tal were handpicked from places all over the world, including washed out work clothes from a kibbutz in Israel and a second hand shop in Denmark.

The 50 unique Eggs will  exhibited at Galleria Carla Sozzani from 16th – 27th April 2008 after which they plan to travel to galleries around the world.  Tal explains a little about the chairs "The whole point was to make a chair that tells a multitude of stories.  So the pieces of cloth had to be full of life. It should look a bit as if it was homemade."

Born in Tel Aviv, Israel Tal was raised in Copenhagen.  He graduated from the Royal Danish academy of Arts and is now a professor at the Dussel-dorf Academy of Arts. You can read more about Tal and see some of his work here

Tal has been inspired in the past by the work and writings of Sigmund Freud, and this exhibition proved to be no different, giving each of the 50 eggs unique names, a few of which include: Martha (Freud’s wife), Irma (Freud’s ‘classic’ early dream analysis) and Adler (friend, doctor and psychologist to Freud).

+Read the original press release from Fritz Hansen here.
+Follow some more first hand reporting of Milan’s Design Week from the David Report









Gallery: Swan Chair- Series 7 Chair – Ant Chair- and other furniture designs by arne jacobsen

3d models: The Egg chair for your architectural visualizations

















For all of your proffesional renderings Turbosquid offers a Hi-Res Quality Mesh of the Fritz-Hansen Egg Chair.  This model can be fully textured with whatever fabric you decide, and is ready to be rendered into your next client presentation.  It comes with a .max and a .3ds file, and is currently running at $34.









For a little less detail, and for a much better price (free), you might try one of these Egg chair models out for a spin egg chair #1 + egg chair #2.  The Google Sketchup warehouse also features a few of Arne’s other designs including the Swan the Swan Sofa, Series7Chair, and the Oxford chair.

George Jensen flatware Arne Jacobsen cutlery





Description + History:

In 1957 Arne Jacobsen created a minimalist cutlery for George Jensen, this set  made its prime time deput in Stanley Kubricks 1968 classic film 2001:a Space Odyssey.  The cutlery is created out of 18/8 stainless steel, and made with a matte finish.  It has been called "flatware without frills" its simple lines are extremely unique and are a great conversation piece. 

Where to purchase:

Moma Store
Unica (Best selection)
E Table (Cheapest)
Fjorn Scandanavian
Dansk Design

Doorknobs: Arne Jacobsen AJ handle










The classic AJ Handle manufactured by Carl F Petersen, available in matt nickel or polished unlacquered brass with 50mm diameter visible fixing roses, 8mm spindle, complete with bolt through fixings to suit doors 44mm thickness.

The AJ Handles comes in two different sizes, 97mm and 111mm.  When the handles were initially designed for the SAS Royal Hoel in Copenhagen the smaller Jacobsen handles graced the internal doors and the larger doorknobs were used as the hotels exterior doorknobs.  This handle blends in beautfiully with the furniture and designed objects that Arne designed for the hotel.

Sadly the AJ Door Handle is only used on internal doors these days, after remodels of the SAS hotel the main room entry comes courtesy of an electronic card reader.

Where to buy:

Although not offered at many places, I currently have found the AJ Handles at these stores:

Royal Shopping: $177
Homebits (uk): 97 pounds


hanging wicker egg chair









Although not a direct decendent of Jacobsen egg chair, The hanging wicker chair designed by Nana Ditzel and her husband Joergen in 1957 is a good example of the variety that the egg shape/concept can produce,and probably has more in common with the bubble chair.  You can see more of Nana Ditzel’s work here.

Although not available today, their are a variety of new hanging wicker chairs around that can be placed in your backyard or hung from a patio.  Here are a few I found:

Amazon:  $999









Urban Balance Curve hanging wicker chair: $469 or $689 at OutdoorGardenFurniture








Urban Balance Cove hanging wicker chair: $1299








Rounding out the list is one from good ol’ Ikea for $59.99.  If you have any suggestions for more hanging wicker chairs, leave a comment below.

1970s egg chair-ball-bubble-stereo-pod

There seems to be a little bit of overlap and confusion with so many chairs using the term "egg" either in name or just by how they look.  This sections lists some of the other egg chairs, and hopefully clears up some confusion between these iconic designs. 

One of the first thing many people thing that these egg chairs were designed in the 1970′s but in reality the originals were designed much earlier than that.  The egg chairs most closely resembling the 70′s era would be: 

Ball Chair:
Designed by eero aarnio, 1966







It took a few years to get the chair into production. 1966 the Ball Chair was presented at the international furniture fair in Cologne.

Fiberglass shell, upholstery.

47" h  39" d  41" w

Where to Buy:
Amazon: $1999 $1589 Multiple options, starting at $1450


Bubble Chair:
Designed by eero aarnio, 1968







Aarnio about Bubble Chair: "After I had made the Ball Chair I wanted to have the light inside it and so I had the idea of a transparent ball where light comes from all directions. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble. And again the name was obvious: BUBBLE."

The reason why the bubble chair hangs is that Aarnio didn’t think there would be a feasible way to make a clear pedastool.
Where to Buy:
Paradigm Gallery ( $1695
Shop $895
Plushpod: $3900 $3350 $1699

Alpha Stereo Chair-Pod-Ovalia egg Chair:
Designed by Thor Larsen, 1968







OVALIA was exhibited for the first time at the Scandinavian Furniture Fair in 1968

There are quite a few varities in this category The more elongated "Egg" or "Pod" chair was originally designed by Thor Larsen and dubbed the "Ovalia chair. " is the orignal but after that many copies were made of the simplified geometric form, this chair is often used as a prop in science fiction films during the 1970s.  Since then, they have appeared in many films, television commercials and print advertisements this includes a version of this chair featured prominetly in the movie Men In Black. 








Where to Buy: Multiple options, starting at $1899
Evofurniture: $1949

And Finally, they have started to make something similar to the bubble chair in wicker as a hanging chair

If you would like to see some more images of these vintage designs I would highly recommend going to sixdifferentways resource gallery.

Nothin’ but egg










"We want a model wearing nothing but the chair." This was the design objective for the egg chair and photographer Corey Weiner (portfolio:redsquarephoto) working for for dkVogue, a furniture retailer specializing in egg chairs. He also shot one with Arne’s other chair design the series7 chair, mimicking the  famous Profumo Affair photo shoot with Christine Keeler.






The egg chair gets a “3d” leather covering

The egg draped in "Peony" leather fabric by artist, Helen Amy Murray she is an internationally recognized artist for her use of hand-crafted, luxury creations inspired to create 3D surfaces within textiles. I think it looks pretty damn good gracing the egg chair, have any of you seen any other unique fabrics on the egg?  Leave a comment below if you have.






















Helen won the Oxo-Peugeot Prize in 2004 for her designs,  and you can see more of her work here.



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