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Arne Jacobsen: Objects (Flatware-Cylinda Line-AJ series-Clocks-Watches)

Cylinda-line was awarded:
+The ID-prize 1967 by The Danish Society of Industrial Design and
+The International Design Award 1968 by The American Institute of Interior Designers.

The idea behind the line was to create a true line of tableware where the design correlation between individual items would a harmony between the entire table setting. The result is the famous Cylinda Line which launched in 1967.

Line Coffee Pot
Details: $439 Unica
Stelton Jug with Icelip
Details: $165 from DWR
Line Creamer
Details: $75 from DWR
Line Sugar Bowl
Details: $105 from DWR
Line Press Coffee Press
Details: $315 from DWR
Salt and Pepper Shakers
Details: $179 Unica

Line Serving Tray
Details: $155 from DWR

Line Ice Tongs
Details: $36 from DWR

Cocktail Shaker
Details: $220 from DWR
Details: $89 Unica
Ash Tray
Details: $105 Moss
Featured in MOMA’s design collection.
Line Ice Bucket
Details: $360 from DWR

Martini Mixer
Details: $185 from DWR

aren jacobsen martini maker

Line Salad Bowl
Details: $319 Unica
Line Saled Servers
Details: $109 Unica


































If your interested in picking up any of these, I found the biggest selections at Lumens andDesign Within Reach.  The prices seem fairly consistent, but do check out the specials page to see if a sale going on now.


AJ Eklipta
Designed for the City Hall in Rodovre, Denmark. It was used inside for the staircases as well as a wall fixture outdoors.

(1960) Aj Floor Lamp
mimics the angles of his Series 3300 furniture (egg +swan)
Designed for the SAS Royal Hotel in Copenhagen

(1960) Royal Floor Lamp
Were placed in the entry of the Hotel Royal, bringing the the egg chairs into view while placing the lobby in the shadows.

AJ Eklipta 
Details: $360 from DWR
AJ Floor Lamp
Details: $775 from DWR
Royal Floor Lamp
Details: $1340
arne jacobsen royal floor lamp









The AJ Handle

Clocks + Watches:

(1955) Ciy Hall
Designed for the Rodovre City Hall in Copenhagen.

Designed National Bank of Denmark in Copenhagen in 1971

(1937) Romer
Designed for the National Town Hall in Aarhus

Banker’s clock
Details: $410 Lumens
arne jacobsen bankers clock
Romer clock
Details: $360 lumens
arne jacobsen romer clock

City Hall clock
Details: $380 Lumens
arne jacobsen city hall clock


Bankers watch
Details: $630
arne jacobsen bankers watch
Romer Watch
Details: $630
arne jacobsen romers watch
City Hall watch
Details: $630
arne jacobsen city hall watch


arne jacobsen flatware
Designed in 1957 and used in the film 2001: A Space Odyssey, this flatware has been a classic for almost 50 years.

Here is a picture from its big screen debut





Available from:

MOMA store for $115
StudioLX: $115
Unica: $114


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