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The egg chair gets a “3d” leather covering

The egg draped in "Peony" leather fabric by artist, Helen Amy Murray she is an internationally recognized artist for her use of hand-crafted, luxury creations inspired to create 3D surfaces within textiles. I think it looks pretty damn good gracing the egg chair, have any of you seen any other unique fabrics on the egg?  Leave a comment below if you have.






















Helen won the Oxo-Peugeot Prize in 2004 for her designs,  and you can see more of her work here.


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  1. EAH

    I’ve never seen such a beautiful egg chair! Seeing this post actually makes me want to purchase one even more – I just wish they weren’t so expensive. My fiance would kill me.

    This design would go beautifully in my living room – I absolutely LOVE it!

  2. Cangel

    This chair is gorgeous. The design perfectly fits the contour of the chair. I just had to try the link to her sight. What creativity. The chair is a work of art and well as a functional piece of furniture.

  3. Elicia

    This is a beautiful egg chair. I have never seen one this pretty. I would love to have one in my home. i have researched them and they are very expensive and out of my budget. This is gorgeous.

  4. LuvetoHave

    I really wish someone gifted me that chair… It should be super comfy!

  5. Robin

    A very interesting-looking piece of furniture. I agree with the previous poster who said it required an open space. People will want to walk all round it and feel it up. The surface looks as if it would have a wonderful feel.

  6. Charlesa

    This egg chair chair is beautiful and would easily fit into any room. But the design of the flower is very beautiful and smartly placed.

  7. Jaden

    This egg chair looks like some art work. Great looking chair, very desirable. The chair is going to be in my living room soon.

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